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i wouiold like to reccommend this site ?

The Montana Historical Society announces its 2005 calendar. For the cooking enthusiast, this calendar will make the perfect holiday gift, or fit nicely in any great kitchen. Complete with historic cooking photographs and recipies from the Old West, this calendar leaves everything to the senses.

On my blog, I write not only about food, teaching culinary arts and brewing, but I also am recording my experiences as I create a collection of primarily out of print Chinese cookbooks in English. My goal is to create a definative collection of the important works of the genre, while researching the history of Chinese cookbooks published in English (primarily in the US). I intend to leave the collection upon my death to my alma mater, Johnson & Wales University's College of Culinary Arts so that young culinary students can refer to these books for generations to come.

my cookbook is Cooking Up Italian Memories. It is brand new.

Just would like to give you updated website for "Canadian Recipes of The Great White North"

I would like to share this website with you because this type of cooking guide is very much needed in our country today.

Hi there: I'd like to recommend a cookbook site called "OldCookbooks.com". Easy to navigate and search, the website has thousands of vintage cookbooks and advertising recipe booklets, as well as old appliance guides for sale.
May all your cakes be fluffy!

I would like to recommend the recently published cookbook, "Organic Cooking: Eating Well: 300 Simple Organic Gourmet Recipes for a Healthier Life"

I would like to recommend this site as a combination of recipes that have been handed down and passed around.



Please check out my website www.imagesunlimitedpub.com- it's about apples, and more apples!

Hi - We're a cookbook (and books of the Southwest) publisher with a brand new retail website that we would like to introduce you to. It's all food-related and family-friendly. For over 30 years, we have sold mostly wholesale and are now expanding with a retail site. Hope you can visit!

I just published an heirloom family cookbook honoring our heritage. It is gorgeous and has 500 recipes spread across 250+ pages. I've been working on it for four years, but have wanted to do this my whole life as I come from a family of great cooks. The artwork of midwest artist Sharon France [full color] graces the cover and dividers. I'd love it if you could post my website for those interested in purchasing a copy. Thanks and best to you, Carol Borrelli

Please review my website and cookbook. My release date will be June 10, 2008 through Tate Publishing. My book is not the traditional cookbook. It consists of recipes that have been cooked by me and tested by my "food testers". My food testers are a group of about 25 people who try the recipes and rate them from 1-10. They must receive at least an 8 before going into the book. I also have stories that go with each recipe so it's a book that can be used as well as read. The book has been endorsed by Chef Mark Allison with Johnson & Wales as well as others in the cooking field. My website will tell you why I wrote my book and also has a link to the book through my publisher.
Thank you for your time.

Developed by Quetha Hale (wife of Dr. Hale) and her best friend Jo Rita Groves, this cookbook is in its second printing and includes 496 pages of tried and true recipes. It is a collection of over 950 new, traditional, regional, and family favorites.
The recipes are Southern cooking sure to please even the pickiest person in your household. This cookbook includes recipes for everyone, even your kids and dogs!

Lone Star Pantry is a great cookbook to keep for yourself or to give as gifts. It makes a great Christmas or Mothers Day present.

I would like to recommend this site as a great source of nice vintage cookbooks. Large selection, great prices. More being added daily.

http://vintagestuffonline.mybisi.com and http://vintagestuffonline.com are both really good sources for nice, affordable vintage cookbooks, some dating back to the 1920's most are from the 1950's on. Good prices, most books in very good to excellent condition.

Leave your measuring cups behind and take back your kitchen.

The idea is that when we put too fine a point on recipes, we tend to consume more ready-to-eat food than our health and wealth can afford.

Forthcoming title: Cooking Beyond Measure: How to Eat Well without Formal Recipes

Author is a cultural historian with 8 years experience as a free lance in food, consumer health, and environmental niches.

Hi to all,

If anyone needs help adjusting recipes for use in high altitudes (3500 feet and above), please visit my website.

I have been adjusting sea level recipes to the needs of highere elevations for 32 years, 16 has been as professional baker, author and Indie Publisher.
For the purpose of helpng others, find culinary success high above the ocean, I include H. A. adjusting tips and recipes on this site.


The new mouth-watering Taste of Newport cookbook features recipes from the finest area restaurants and their award-winning chefs. This colorful high-end book serves up 272 pages of delectable recipes from 50 restaurants, caterers, local "celebrity chefs" (such as the late Doris Duke), confectionaries, and bakeries.

Overflowing with a scrumptious mix of soups, salads, appetizers, entrees and desserts, Taste of Newport captures the distinct local flavors of this historic seaside community. Vibrant photography, unique design, one-of-a-kind recipes and interesting tidbits blend to create the perfect sampling of all that the Newport area has to offer. In addition to the hundreds of recipes, every restaurant, caterer, confectionary, and bakery is showcased in a special section of the book.

This cookbook was commissioned by Child & Family to mark the 25th anniversary of their annual fundraising event of the same name, "Taste of Newport." The Taste of Newport fundraiser for the benefit of Child & Family is truly one of the best examples of a community coming together to support a social service agency, which in turn supports those most in need (approximately 5,000 people annually) in Newport County and beyond. The cookbook was developed as a way of thanking the many chefs and venues that have played such an important role in the success of the event over the years. Child & Family engaged America House Communications to create this unprecedented recipe collection.

All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the important work of Child & Family, which is one of America's oldest continuously operating (since 1866) social service agencies. For more information on either the Taste of Newport cookbook or Child & Family visit www.childandfamilyri.com or contact Keith Tavares at (401) 848-4150.

The Taste of Newport Cookbook is priced at $39.95
Books can be ordered online as well as through the Mail to this address:

Child & Family
Taste of Newport Cookbook
24 School Street
Newport, RI 02840

Please add $8 for shipping and handling

The Following Restaurants are participating with Recipes in the book.

15 Point Road
22 Bowens
180 Restaurant
American Mussel Harvesters, Inc.
Bay Voyage Inn
Blackstone Caterers
Belle Mer/Longwood Events
Billy Goode’s
Black Pearl
Boat House
Brick Alley Pub
Castle Hill
Café Zeida
Canfield House
Clarke Cooke House
Cory’s Kitchen at Sweet Berry Farm
Destination Chocolate
De Wolf Tavern
Everyday Gourmet
Fine Catering by Russell Morin
Fluke Wine Bar and Kitchen
Goodies by the Sea
La Forge Casino
Lucia Italian Restaurant
Mad Hatter Bakery
Max’s Market
Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar
One Bellevue Restaurant
at the Hotel Viking
Perro Salado
Pier 49
Salvation Café
Smokehouse Café
Spiced Pear Restaurant
The Cookie Jar
The West Deck
Tucker’s Bistro
White Horse Tavern
Wicked Good Company
Windward Restaurant
at the Newport Hyatt

Published by America House Communications
Creative Director/Art Director/Designer Nicole Milici
Chief Photographer Aaman Crane
Photographer Nick Lane
Project Director Judy Shoemaker
Food Stylists Nicole Milici and Stuart MacNaught
Editor-in-Chief: Keith Tavares
Editors: Stuart MacNaught and Jeanne Sullivan

Our food blog Take Back Your Kitchen is focused on dining in, sharing recipes and becoming confident in the kitchen.


I stumbled on this cooking/food blog and found it informative, helpful and very entertaining. The blogger is a published cookery writer and the quality of the writing on the blog inspired me to buy the cookbook. I am very pleased with it and have no regrets purchasing it. The recipes are easy, imaginative and give good or excellent results. I have tried about a third of the recipes and have not been dissapointed. The are segments that give information and tips on kitchenware and ingredients as well as a very educational though not prescriptive section on everything a wine novice would want to know about wine. The author has a great sense of humor and wit to spare, which makes the book just as enjoyable to read as it is to cook from. This is the URL:


There are links within the site, to purchase the book from the publisher as well as from other online bookstores .

This is Laverne again, I forgot to mention the title of the book that I was talking about in my post. It's "Quickies: Morning, Noon and Night". Can't you just tell what a cheeky imp the author is? Really enjoyable.

As a professional Chef, I have collected many cookbooks over the past forty years. It is a substantial library. Now my focus is to downsize and recycle as many of these individual volumes as I can. Many I have already given away to my culinary students and fellow Chef's, and since I purchased Chef Jack Ferneley's eBook titled; "The Working Chefs' Edition of Classic & Traditional Sauces, Relishes & Dressings"; I plan on giving away many more. I simply no longer need them due to Chef Jack's book. I highly recommend his book for all Chefs and culinary students. I personally think it is the best recipe collection I have ever seen. It is well written by a professional working Chef, not one of those egotistical media-freak Chefs who choke up the TV shows and the shelves of Barnes & Noble with the usual rubbish. This is the 'real' thing. Anyone who loves cooking will love to qwn this book.

Hello everyone!!!

I was trying to learn how to cook and I recently came across a website that offers these wonderful cookbooks offered by this person named Britnee Timberlake. She was talking about something called "cookbook bondage" but it was awesome. I ordered the deluxe package and tried a recipe as soon as I got it. Now I am letting everyone know about this because I think it is so great. The website is http://www.athomecookinginstitute.com/index.html So go check it out!!! It worked for me and it could work for you too!!!

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